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A Complete Guide on Credit Card Debt Consolidation Plan

Credit cards are an excellent tool to earn rewards like cash back or for enjoying free meals at airport’ lounges. Also, they provide an emergency source of cash and help make your future purchases like a car or home easy. However, sometimes we get overloaded with multiple credit cards and end up with varying balances. Planning and executing a well-structured strategy to pay down these debts is a time-consuming task, but it can be achieved.

Among various strategies to manage debt, one is the credit card consolidation strategy in which several credit card balances combine into one balance. By taking the help of credit card debt consolidation companies, one can easily manage the existing debts and combine them into one. Moreover, this kind of consolidation strategy often comes with a lower APR that saves on total interest paid, allowing you to pay off the balance quicker.

With numerous alternatives to consolidate and pay down these debts, the best strategy varies from individual to individual. Today, in this blog we will discuss some of the best credit card debt consolidation ways followed by credit card debt consolidation companies in USA.

Some Credit Card Debt Consolidations Ways

First of all, gather information about your outstanding credit card debts like balances, interest rates, and minimum monthly payments. After you have gathered information on debt, look for ways to consolidate credit card debt.

Explore ways to consolidate your credit card debts

Balance transfer- This involves transferring the balances from multiple credit cards onto a single credit card with a lower interest rate or a promotional 0% APR period. However, be aware that balance transfers often come with fees, and the low or 0% interest rate may only last for a limited time.

Personal loan- One of the most common ways followed by credit card debt consolidation companies in USA to consolidate your credit card debts is to apply for a personal loan at your local bank or credit union. The application processes can be completed over the phone or online and come with flexible terms (typically 12 to 60 months). If your loan gets approved, you can use the loan proceeds to pay off your credit card debts. Personal loans typically have fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payments for a fixed time period.

Home equity loan or line of credit- If you own a home, you can borrow against its equity to pay off your credit card debts. Home equity loans or lines of credit come with a lower interest rate as compared to credit cards. However, they are risky as you might end up losing your home if you fail to repay the loan.

Debt Management Plan

You can work with one of the top credit card debt consolidation companies – Debt Consultation to set up a debt management plan (DMP). With a DMP, the agency negotiates with your creditors to potentially reduce the interest rates or waive fees. You make a single monthly payment to the agency, and the amount gets distributed to your creditors.

Benefits of Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is often an ideal alternative to getting out of debt. Here are a few of the benefits of credit card debt consultation followed by top credit card debt consolidation companies:

Quick Debt Repayment

Taking out a debt consolidation loan helps quickly pay the debt, especially if you have significant credit card debt. Credit cards don’t have a set timeline to pay off a balance, but a consolidation loan comes with fixed monthly payments with a clear beginning and end to the loan. Repaying your debt quickly means you have to pay less interest overall. Also, the sooner your debt gets paid off, the sooner you will be able to use your money toward other goals.

Easy finances

While consolidating all your debt, you don’t have to worry about multiple due dates every month as you have to pay one monthly payment. Furthermore, the payment remains the same every month, so you know how much money you have to pay as debt every month.

Better Credit Score

Debt consolidation positively impacts your overall credit score in many ways. First of all, it can simplify your debt management, thereby reducing the chances of missed/delay payments, Also, if you pay off multiple debts through consolidation, it will also improve your credit utilization ratio.

Stress Reduction

Being overloaded by several debts eventually results in more stress and anxiety. On the other hand, debt consolidation gives a sense of control and simplifies your financial obligations. With debt consolidation, you have to focus on a single payment, so you can lead a stress-free life.

When to Choose Debt Consolidation

Choose Debt Consolidation If:

  • You want to pay less in interest overall for your debt.
  • You want to alter your repayment term in exchange for a lower monthly payment
  • You want to simplify your finances
  • You want to quickly pay off debts.
  • You have a focused plan on how you’ll pay it off

Wrap up

It's important to note that credit card debt consolidation will not eliminate your debt; instead, they help manage your payments and potentially lower the rate of interest you're paying. It's also crucial to address the underlying causes of your debt, such as overspending or inadequate budgeting, to avoid falling back into debt in the future. 

Before pursuing debt consolidation, carefully evaluate your financial situation, compare interest rates and terms, and take advice from financial professionals at top credit card debt consolidation companies- Debt Consultation.

By Author: Patrick Long | 29 May 2023

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